Warfriends Review

Hello everyone check out this cool game, I saw this week was warfriends from chillin go and make a dead pixel developer about fun, and it’s a game about killing your friends, yes it’s a feisty one on one shooter where you try to kill each other while hunkered down behind these big shields.

It’s it’s kind of a game of chicken as you both want to poke your head out to shoot the other player you don’t wanna get shot yourself that sort of thing luckily the loads of tactical options your disposal to help with the heat on your opponent without actually putting yourself at risk and you know popping head out and making it liable to get a shot off.

You can call in soldiers chop those drones and Humvees you can enlist these engineer dude you can plop down turrets or things like that then when your rival emerges from cover to have to blast away at the incoming wave of drones and Gunners everything.

It’s your opportunity to place my rifle and take a shot they’re also cards that changed the rules and get your appetite spot at both your units and your cards are picked using a dick building system and all that stuff can be upgraded and customized you can also edit your hero character who kind of looks like a team fortress 2 character or maybe like the bobblehead doll.

You can give him a cigar or glasses or whatever there’s loads of options for how you play this game you can to online PvP you know with matchmaking you can go through a campaign mode on your own you can go through the campaign mode and come up with a buddy but i think is best actually when you’re playing in the same room with someone and you can kind of showing each other and you know trying to peek over their shoulder over their ipad and see what cards they’ve gotten what units are about to play and you know it’s fast-paced and it sits slightly tactical and it’s a it’s enjoyable it’s a good it’s a good multiplayer romp its cold war friends it’s free to play.