WarFriends Cheats -The Best WarFriends Cheats For Iphone and Android

I have to be honest with you  this is not a boring game, me and my friends are also playing it and the only advantage we have why we  never defeated because our armies and weapons and soldier are max per ranks using WarFriends Cheats, in our account we have so much gold and warbucks.



When you play it from  rank 1 to rank 10 is kind of easy to play, you almost  never defeated but when you reach to   Ranks 11 that is where the beginning of the hard part. Without being able to upgrade your soldier, weapons and armies it will be impossible to win. And before I forgot warcards is really crucial to win. But upgrading it requires large amount of  resources.

If you want to know what i mean  you can check this video  below


Upon seeing the video do you think  you are able to compete or defeat an enemy like that why because he can use up to 5 warcards and if you have unlimited card, you can choose which one are beneficial to you during the war.  but it requires more gold. So the question is do you want to spend $100 dollars or more buying  gold and warbucks for your upgrades. If you think its right to buy go ahead and by doing that you are supporting the developer of warfriends. But there are people who loves to cheat  like me.

Takes note its not impossible  to cheat the game  like warfreinds as it being  developed with codes and graphics. So cheats can be applied to it.


Here’s the best part!!!!

We have developed an online tool wherein few players have the access and we called it WarFriends Cheats.  its for iphone and android.


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